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Whether you’re searching for fun board games for couples, or simply wish to expand your collection of two player board games, you’ve come to the right place.

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Good 2-person board games are an essential component of your game night toolkit. Have some spare time to enjoy doing something fun? Why not dive into some good 2-player board games? The possibilities abound! You and your worthy adversary can choose whether you wish to compete to build the most successful ancient city in 7 Wonders, or strive to be the one who stops the spread of a global disaster in Pandemic. With the plethora of exciting board games for two people at your disposal, you could play all weekend and never run out of fun! Test your hand at trading and strategy, as a merchant in the fast-paced Jaipur board game. The winner is appointed as the Maharaja’s personal trader! Both Small World and its alternate version, Small World of Warcraft send their players to a world too small to accommodate its inhabitants. Hurry to stake your territory, or expand your empire and push your neighbors off the face of the planet! Increase your stature as a Renaissance merchant in Splendor, the board game that challenges you to appeal to Nobility by acquiring mines and recruiting artisans. Splendor Marvel takes a new spin on the game, challenging you to recruit a team of superheroes who will help you fight to save the world from the evil Thanos! Why not try your hand at being the prince or princess of the new settlement of Catan, in Rivals for Catan, yet another one of the great board games for 2? Or battle one-on-one in the epic game, 7 Wonders Duel! For a more peaceful theme to your game night, you may want to try out the fast-paced word game, Bananagrams (UK), with the youngsters. Want to show off your artistic and creative flair? Enjoy piecing together patches of colorful fabric to create a quilt masterpiece more beautiful than your opponent’s, in a game of Patchwork. Tonight, whether you’re looking for exciting board games for couples, or a thrilling two-player board game, search no further than this wonderful lineup of games!